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Are you sick and tired of dealing with a humiliating condition like premature ejaculation? You may want to think of something that is worth everything that you could possibly ask for in choosing the best solution for your premature ejaculation condition.

Just when you think that you can’t find a perfect solution for this one anymore you will truly be amazed about a certain product that can provide you with all the information that you need in order to make sure that you get the best possible way in getting a solution for this one.

In the end, what you possibly need may just be the right information to treat this condition and give the best responses that can solve this problem.
With Ejaculation Trainer, you get a comprehensive idea of what is the source of the problem. You also would not need to have to get some treatment options that won’t work out for you and will in return only just make it real possible for you to obtain this treatment due to costs and effectiveness.

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Searching for the best solution is also providing and looking for the best way to be able to know that your body would need to perform something that can trigger its response and hopefully can all the way provide you with the help that you need. Ejaculation Trainer indeed does this job for you.
As one of the most common problems of men in terms of sexual satisfaction it would be easier to understand with the help of Ejaculation Trainer and its processes on how we can manage, and how this can be treated with the help of different ways that the body needs to undergo.

Training yourself to overcome this problem is what Ejaculation Trainer does and with the help of this one, it will also become so easy for you to control and get right on track in making it real possible to get a good grasp of what you need to do in order to resolve this condition.

Ejaculation Trainer provides you with the step by step process in learning and knowing how to effectively control yourself and allow yourself to learn as well the different things that need to be done to make sure that this will work out best for you.

It’s simply the best option to know how you will be able to feel and know the different things that can help you out in this condition without sacrificing your chance to obtain a happy and healthy sexual life together with your partner. Ejaculation Trainer makes it real easy for you to discover your potential and the way that you will be able to handle yourself that is also truly wonderful and most especially necessary for you.

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Let’s take a look of what’s inside Ejaculation Trainer:

Premature Ejaculation
This chapter will lay the foundation for the rest of the book, and will give you a better understanding of PE and how the ejaculation process works. Knowing the ‘how’ and ‘why’ is critical knowledge that will put in a better position to overcome PE.

  • what is PE?
  • Should You See A Doctor?
  • Why Do Men Ejaculate Quickly?
  • Realistic expectations
  • How Does Erection and Ejaculation Work?
  • The Nervous System
  • Sympathetic vs Parasympath
  • Dopamine

Arousal control is the key to controlling ejaculation. Learning to control arousal should be your main objective and is where you should begin.

  • Controlling Arousal
  • It’s absolutely critical that you don’t wait until the last second to start controlling arousal.
  • If I don’t focus on getting myself aroused, what do I think about, or do?
  • Relaxation of the entire body and mind is the only way to stay parasympathetic and prevent the emission phase of ejaculation.
  • My Approach to Arousal Control
  • The two types of relaxation
  • Getting Familiar With Your Arousal
  • Focusing on Her
  • Porn and Visualization
  • Perceiving vs Thinking
  • Foreplay
  • Heart Rate
  • Arousal Control

Mental Control
Controlling arousal is mostly a mental thing, so this chapter will build on what you’ve already learned. It will go into more depth of the mental triggers that cause arousal to climb and eventually lead to ejaculation.

  • The Causes
  • Treating Sex as a Novelty
  • Fear and Performance Anxiety
  • Serotonin
  • The Placebo Effect
  • Developing a Meditative Mindset
  • The Right Mental Game

If controlling arousal is the key to controlling ejaculation, breathing is the key to controlling arousal or at least one of them.

  • Breathing Correctly
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Remembering to breathe
  • Breathing

The Perineal Muscles
The perineal muscles play a vital role in both delaying and controlling ejaculation.

  • Identifying the PM muscle
  • PM training
  • Perineal Muscle Safety ¨C Read before attempting any PM exercises
  • This is the PM exercise I do 2-3 times a week:
  • Relaxing the PM to delay ejaculation
  • This is what you do…
  • Here it is step by step!
  • Every man is different
  • Use the PM to strengthen your erection

Masturbating is a great way to get familiar with your body’s responses. Sex is better for putting yourself to the test, but with masturbation there is no pressure. It will allow you to remain calm and really pay attention to what you’re experiencing.

  • The most helpful tool for PE
  • The do’s and don’ts of masturbation
  • Recognizing the ‘point of no return’
  • Finding your calm erection
  • Masturbation Technique #1
  • Masturbation Technique #2

Sex Techniques
If you have an understanding partner to get you through this problem, consider yourself lucky, as some men don’t. A partner gives you the opportunity to practice and test what you’ve learned.

  • The Stealth Technique
  • Communication
  • Positions that allow you to last longer
  • Acclimation

Lowering Her Threshold
Learning the ability to lower a woman’s threshold for orgasm is key to good sex. I’ve had women claim they take 30 minutes to reach orgasm, but when I was done with them it only took 5 or so.

  • Lowering her threshold for orgasm
  • Priming her for orgasm
  • During sex
  • Understanding female sexuality

Multiple Orgasms
We all know that women can experience multiple orgasms. Some of you may have heard about men experiencing multiple orgasms as well. This is true, it is in fact possible for a man to have multiple orgasms.

  • Ejaculation vs Orgasm
  • The different types of multiple
  • Ejaculatory Orgasms
  • Dry Orgasms
  • Retrograde Orgasms
  • Full Bodies
  • Important information regarding multiple Orgasms

Quick Solutions & Tips
Here are some things you can do in an emergency situation to temporarily prolong ejaculation. These tricks will come in handy if you need to perform well.

This last chapter will refresh you of what I discussed, and will tie everything together to make my approach and techniques easier to understand. I’m going to lay out everything in 5 steps in order of most important. If you truly dedicate yourself to this information and follow this laid out plan, there is no reason why you shouldn’t overcome PE. It will take time and effort, but everything you need to know is here for the taking.

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